Can anyone explain why one's income has no bearing on a FICO score?  Seems to me that this plays a big part in creditworthiness, yet FICO doesn't use income (or net worth) as part of their formula in creating a FICO score.


FICO doesn't care whether you're a multi-millionaire or someone who makes a dime a year.

FICO is an indicator of how capable, how likely you are of paying back money you borrow.

*A multi-millionaire asks me for $100 and I give it to him, but he doesn't pay me back.
*A hobo on the street asks me for $100 and I give it to him, but he pays me back.

I would rather lend the hobo money in future, rather than the multi-millionaire.


 On another note, sure it's more likely that the multi-millionaire is more capable of repaying the money, but the bottom line is that income does not have a correlation to whether the person will pay on time.

All people care about is whether or not they're gonna get paid back if they loan you money.