Real estate company web sites and the obituaries

TombstonelawnornamentWhen I read the Sunday paper I always take a peak at the obituaries.  Mostly to see if I am listed.  This past Sunday I got to thinking about how similar the obituary section of the paper is to real estate company web sites. 

Real estate company web sites usually include a page with  pictures of agents a brief bio, and maybe some details about the services they provide. There is a banner across the top, with the name of the real estate company on it. The obituary pages of the paper are similar, there is a banner across the top and then and pictures of people with a brief bio, and details about services.

There are other similarities.  I look at the dates in an obituary and see that the person who passed away was born in the 1920's, which means they would be in their 80's today, yet the person in the picture looks to be in their 20's or 30's.   This seems to be true on real estate company web sites too.  I have met agents who are 10 to 20 years older than the person pictured on the company web site. Yet the pictures in the obituaries some how look more natural than those on the real estate site.

Not all obituaries have pictures with them.  The same is true with agent bios on real estate web sites.  For the obituaries the picture  section is simply left blank, on the real estate web site the place where the picture should go will have a shadow of a face, the company logo or a for sale sign. 

I often wonder who made the rules about real estate company web sites.  Did they get their ideas one Sunday morning as they were reading the obituaries?