What to do if neighbor builds fence, impedes access
DEAR PATTI: I share a private road easement with two neighbors in Felton.   A new neighbor bought a foreclosed house and took down the original fence to build a new one about 4 feet into the roadway easement, thus narrowing the road. I have heard it is very hard and expensive to fight easement disputes. What should I do? --John G..

DEAR JOHN: Presuming the road easement is recorded against all three property titles, one owner cannot alter those rights such as by extending his fence into the easement area. If you and the other neighbor allow it to continue, he might gain a permanent prescriptive easement to continue using that area as his own.

I trust you tried being nice to the offending new owner, but without results. To protect your easement rights, you and the other neighbor should get together to hire a local real estate attorney like Ernest H. Fox 831-427-2114

Even if a lawsuit must be filed against the offending neighbor, this case sounds like an easy one to reach a court-supervised settlement. But if you do nothing, your easement rights could be greatly diminished.