Patti's bio

Patti's bio

PATTI LYLES receives the coveted CENTURY 21 CENTURION® Award

Patti's a seasoned artist to the real estate stage. Earning top billing because she is in the Top 3% of ALL the Santa Cruz County Real Estate REALTORS®

"CENTURION® Award Winner"... is an International recognition of the Top Producing Agents measured by the amount of properties sold by each individual Agent. Fewer than 2% of all CENTURY 21 Agents worldwide receive this award...


  I hope you'll read the rest of this because it hurts me to write my own press copy.

  • Donald Trump can't fire me, even though I have been on the Apprentice show every season
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger said "I'll be back"  Well it's true!  he always comes back to me
  • Howie Mandel made a Deal or No Deal offer with me. . . everyone won
  • I got more TV air-time this year than Anna Nicole Smith did
  •  PATTI LYLES has   really done all of these things because she has experienced an enchanted life in the music industry as a professional singer for over 30 plus years. Starting at the age of 12 when I did my first commercial for COCA-COLA.  Remember "I'd like to teach the word to sing..."  I'm the freckled-faced girl with long dark braids and a big toothy grin, holding up a coke bottle on top of a mountain.  I did more memorable TV commericals and San Francisco musicals during high school.  Most of my career I worked for DISNEY.  I sang and danced for so long my red hair began to turn grey.   So I retired from Disney and became a full-time REALTOR®, where age is a feature - not a bug.  I still do voice-overs and giggle work for movies, commericals, and radio.  My list can go on and on.    Snooze.... stay with me now. Your Question is:  But how does any of this stuff benefit anyone now?

  • My Answer: the government wanted to get their hands on the money I had made in the entertainment industry.  So I started investing into Real Estate, big-time.  In the 80's I bought property all over Los Angles and surroung areas, the West Coast and Pacific Northwest.  I started "flipping" these properties for profit 2 decades before that term became a household word.  So much so, in the mid 80's the DRE demanded I become a licensed Agent.   How many real estate agents can say they have bought and sold more than 40 homes that THEY HAVE PERSONALLY OWNED?    Me, Me....I can!  

    Unlike other Agents, I've mastered the role of THE BUYER & THE SELLER.  I've played the role of Buyer, Seller and Agent so many times I've become a solid mass of scar tissue.  Riding out 2 decades of ups and downs in this awesome industry.  This should make a big difference to you and any Agent that comes up against me in a comparison test.  Odds are I'm the only agent you'll ever know whose "performed" on both sides of the Real Estate table. Did you know that only 42% of real estate agents own their own home? 12% of them own investment/second homes.  Only 1 % of Agents own their primary residence, multiple rental properties, commerical property and have 20 years of resale experience.  My skills will benefit someone years after any transaction gets closed.    

     NOW. . . As you can see on the right--  I've morphed into a fat, middle-aged, yet very approachable, well-seasoned real estate consumer.  I'm getting Top billing as a Veteren Realtor these days, who will get a standing ovation from you, when you choose me to represent you, your friends or family members.  I'll even sing "I FEEL GOOD" and perform at closing at the title company.  The Title Company loves to see me do the HAPPY DANCE when we close each transaction.

  • Your "feel good" experience starts when you call me 831-335-2100

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